PresidentLady Lucy Garton
ChairmanMrs Camilla Ritchie
Vice ChairmanMr Jeremy Harbord
SecretaryMrs Juliette Goodwin
19 Main Street, Keevil, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 6LU
TreasurerMrs Philippa Jackson
Journal EditorMrs Caroline Keevil
MembershipMrs Sonja Harris
The Giving TeamMrs Victoria Nye
Survey CoordinatorMrs Melinda Hilliard
SurveysMrs Hazel Fox
EventsMrs Alexandra Gray
PlanningMrs Patricia Rowell


The Wiltshire Gardens Trust was formed in 1985. It is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association

We are a Charity (Registered Charity No. 292628 regulated by the Charity Commission)

The Wiltshire Gardens Trust is a member of the The Gardens Trust ( formerly the National Association of Gardens Trusts).

Each year an Annual General Meeting is held to, amongst other things, adopt the accounts for the previous year, and appoint Council Members.

The members of Council elect officers from the members and meet regularly during the year to conduct business.

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