Wiltshire has many attractive gardens and landscapes. Since 1986 members of the the WGT have been researching and recording those of interest for their design and planting. A standard garden survey form serves as a check-list of the main features of each garden. This is accompanied by photographs, a plan showing photographic viewpoints, in some cases a list of plants and other illustrative and historical material such as air photos, bird’s eye views, old maps and references in books or journals.

Gardens are constantly changing; the aim is to give a picture of the garden at one moment in time in the hope that it will be of interest to future owners and garden historians. It may sometimes also be of value where a planning application affects a garden.  See our Planning Page for more details.

So far 71 gardens have been covered, some of them with a re-visit after a period of years. The garden surveys are stored in the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre at Chippenham, together with a collection of other material about Wiltshire gardens. A member has made an index of references to 239 sites in Wiltshire. Where the owner agrees to publication an article based on the survey is published in the WGT Journal. Please click on this link below to see an example of the survey of Sharcott Manor.

We always welcome new members to our team of recorders.
If you join the team, you can:

  • learn new skills
  • meet new people with similar interests
  • enjoy the satisfaction of finding information on gardens
  • share the research by making it available to the wider public
  • attend study days and visits that will allow you to gain insight into the development of parks and gardens

Working as a recorder for the Trust can be interesting and rewarding and helps protect the County’s gardens for the future.

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